Google launches new tool for digital marketers - Google Attribution

25 May 2017

Google launches new analytics tools – Google Attribution a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost.

Uber rival Lyft strikes deal with Google's self-driving car unit Waymo

17 May 2017

Self-driving taxi’s could be the next big thing to shake up the transport market.  In a bid to become the ‘total recall’ taxi of today, US taxi hailing business Lyft has formed a partnership with the Google owner's self-driving car unit Waymo to help develop self-driving vehicles.

App Driven Buses - Are Responsive and On-Demand buses the Future of Transport?

16 May 2017

Transport app Citymapper has moved into real life vehicles, with a new bus “SmartBus” App, with an aim to “redesign the bus”, both in terms of how one looks and how it operates.

Virtual reality could be coming to a pub near YOU!

15 May 2017

Is your local getting boring? Do you get sick of the same four walls? Well, your local maybe changing to house a hive of competitive VR gaming, with the advent of VR games specially designed for pubs.

News: Google completes the purchasing journey by going In-store

13 Mar 2017

Is instore about to get a facelift?. Coca-Cola has launched in-store display systems that show personalised messages to approaching shoppers, based on data on their smartphones Powered by Google Cloud technologies and works on any HDMI-ready display , this new digital sales aid serves as grocery store aisle “end caps”, restaurant menu boards, and even interactive cinema posters, And can be used to deliver personalised and custom branded video, messages and e-coupons to shoppers.

Alchemy Interactive wins digital contract

13 Mar 2017, the fast growing occupational health consultancy, has appointed Alchemy Interactive to create a bespoke digital marketing campaign. The aim is to raise local awareness of the service offered by using a targeted social media campaign as well as improving the site’s SEO rankings.

Alchemy Interactive wins 2017 Caribbean Premier League Digital and Social Media Marketing Contract

24 Feb 2017

With the anticipation for this year’s HERO CPL (Caribbean Premier League) hotting up the hugely popular cricketing league has appointed Alchemy Interactive to manage their 2017 digital marketing campaign.

2017 Trends in Email Marketing

16 Feb 2017

At Alchemy Interactive we do anything digital, whether it’s web development, brand awareness, SEO (we’re really good at this), Email Marketing or Social Media and Content Marketing. We know it’s all change all the time and we know that most of our clients haven’t the time to keep up with this. They also want to spend their pounds efficiently so we create briefing documents to help them keep up to speed. Email marketing is still huge and the technology is moving rapidly.

2017 Trends in Social Media

15 Feb 2017

Social Media Marketing is colossal and any business not doing it is missing a trick. Whether you are a global brand or a small local business it’s simple to get your message across consistently via all the platforms that are out there. We think that the skills gap is probably the single most important factor affecting pick up. We have scoured the leading influencers in the Social Media world to come up with our points to look out for in 2017.

2017 Trends in SEO and SEM

14 Feb 2017

Alchemy are really good at SEO – we stay up to date with this moving target because we have to. If you don’t keep the eye on the ball you can never score. Do you know the importance of AMP, 301 redirects or HTTPS? We do, and we’ve created a briefing document for our clients to keep them up to speed.


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